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The Dumbest Lego Fortnite Items


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Dumbest Lego Fortnite Items

Most Useless Lego Fortnite Items


Fortnite has been a huge hit for Epic Games. Fortnite’s approach to Minecraft-inspired environments is the feisty one in the franchises that players love and know the good ones with the familiar mode of gameplay.

The game is a survival type of game, where players are continually finding new stuff they can use to make more elaborate constructions and items.

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Lego Fortnite

Generally, players like it when all these new items get in Lego Fortnite; but they’ve all already decided that at least one piece is annoying for players because it happens to occur every day.

Getting bones is not completely useless, but when you mostly keep finding them then it shows that Epic needs to find more ways to use them, so they stop taking up space.

Why People invalidate Lego Fortnite Bones

It all began in an official Lego Fortnite subreddit thread. There was a user who posted a question in which the most useless Fortnite item was requested.

This was alongside one familiar picture of a stack of 50 bones. In the subsequent thread, most people concluded that bones were essentially useless. Almost all who responded seemed to believe on the next thread that the bones after a certain point are completely useless.

The motive is that it is way too easy to haul in rather quickly a ton of bones. Given that skeleton enemies are thus abundant in Lego Fortnite, players are not really challenged to get many bones quickly.

Of course, although they can make them several simple tools there’s not much that can be done with them after that, so that the players end up with massive piles of bone fragments. 

One of the proposals played to try to deal with the problem is to add more recipes that use bones to make them worthwhile beyond the early game.

Another option is to restrict how often skeleton enemies spawn, but it is much less accepted because fighting against Skeletons is part of the thrill.

Wolf Claws and Heavy Wool

Unfortunately, players have found many more useless items, other than Bones. Some have reported products like wolf claws and heavy wool are like zombie items, being nearly as useless as bones, however, it is worth mentioning that everything has a use case that players may not have anticipated.

For example, some players say they take bones into ice faces and then drop them to steady them while aiming with the crossbow. If you can be a bit creative, you can make the most out of the so-called useless items, helping you to be more likely to survive the harsh world of Lego Fortnite.

Conclusion on Most Useless Lego Fortnite Items

Epic has shown, it was going to keep backing the game with every kind of pre-release content. When the team would have something new the team may introduce new ways of utilizing bones. Whatever way it comes, it has to be clear that Lego Fortnite has all sorts of new skins to check out, including this latest one from Star Wars skins.

Some Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers

  1. Can you get Fortnite Lego?

    Yes, just choose the LEGO Fortnite playlist option from the Discover menu. However, LEGO Fortnite differs from Battle Royale with minifigures; it offers a completely fresh experience that seamlessly blends the best elements of both worlds.

  2. Is LEGO Fortnite free?

    Yes, you can play for free, by getting it from cloud gaming or downloading it on your mobile device (Android), PC or console (PS5, PS4, Xbox X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch).

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